Conferences Pivoting to a Part-Virtual Platform
SMART ITC 2022 - Now Taking Place Part-Virtually
The safety and well-being of all conference participants is our priority. After evaluating the current COVID-19 situation, the decision has been made to transform the in-person component of the conference into a part-digital conference experience - the conference will now be a combination of online and offline event. Therefore, the conference will take place partly in Guangzhou, China and will also take place part-virtually. For questions, contact SMART-ITC-2022 AT googlegroups DOT com





SmartITC 2022: The 3rd International Workshop on Smart Technologies in Security and Privacy for Intelligent Transportation and Communications (SmartITC 2022) 

Zhangjiajie, China, December 28 - 31, 2022



Guangzhou University, China

Jishou University, China

Superior University, Pakistan

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Call for Participation

Welcome to participate in SMART ITC 2022, Zhangjiajie, China, December 28 - 31, 2022! Zhangjiajie is an emerging tourist destination famous for its unique natural scenery and abundant tourism resources. It is located in the northwest of Hunan province, about 400 kilometers away from Changsha, the capital of Hunan province, covering a total area of 9,516 square kilometers, of which 76% are mountainous area. Out of its total population of 1.52 million, almost 77% belong to ethnic minority groups, including Tujia, Bai and Miao nationalities. Zhangjiajie National Forest Park was established by the State Council in 1982 as the first National Forest Park of China. Wulingyuan in Zhangjiajie was listed into the World Natural Heritage Catalogue by the UNESCO in 1992 and appraised as a national AAAAA scenic area. Zhangjiajie was awarded the title of "World Geological Park" in 2004. The amazing landscape here had been a source of creation of the CGI artist in the Avatar movie, and since the movie was released and achieved a great success, many tourists keeping coming to Zhangjiajie admiring this natural beauty.

The SMART ITC 2022 conference is the 2nd event in the series of conferences which are devoted to security, privacy and anonymity in cyberspace, physical world, and social networks. The Conference covers many dimensions including security algorithms and architectures, privacy-aware policies, regulations and techniques, anonymous computation and communication, encompassing fundamental theoretical approaches, practical experimental projects, and commercial application systems for cyberspace, physical world, and social networking systems. As applications of computer and information technology have permeated in every aspect of our daily life, the issues of security, privacy, and anonymity have become increasingly critical. The Conference will provide a forum for world-class researchers to gather and share their research achievements, emerging ideas and trends in the highly challenging research fields.Vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs) are one of the key enablers in the smart community. Therefore, much research has been directed towards VANETs from both industry and academia. The worlds largest automobile companies are continuously striving to introduce intelligence in automobiles through the convergence of cutting-edge sensing, communication, and control technologies. VANETs will allow safe and efficient road overtaking and merging. Future road manoeuvring such as overtaking and merging will be done cooperatively. When vehicles are planning any manoeuvres that may introduce safety issues, they will communicate and coordinate with the relevant vehicles. Vehicular communications and smart technologies for transportation is a growing area of communications and collaboration between vehicles and including roadside communication infrastructure. Advances in wireless communications are making possible sharing of information through real time communications between vehicles and infrastructure. This has led to applications to increase safety of vehicles and communication between passengers and the Internet. Standardization efforts on vehicular communication are also underway to make vehicular transportation safer, greener and easier. The use of electronic technology for the control of ground transportation systems including, but not limited to, traffic aid systems; traffic control systems; automatic vehicle identification, location, and monitoring systems; automated transport systems, with single and multiple vehicle control; and moving walkways or people-movers. The use of electronic or electrical components and systems for control, propulsion, or auxiliary functions, including but not limited to, electronic controls for engineer, drive train, convenience, safety, and other vehicle systems; sensors, actuators, and microprocessors for on-board use; electronic fuel control systems; vehicle electrical components and systems collision avoidance systems; electromagnetic compatibility in the vehicle environment; and electric vehicles and controls. The main objective of all these research and development efforts is to realize a safe, economical, environment-friendly, and reliable transportation system.

SMART ITC 2022 follows the SMART ITC 2021 conference in Guangzhou and also the traditions of previous successful SMART ITC conference/symposium/workshop series, held in

Guangzhou, China (SMART ITC 2021)
Guangzhou, China (SMART ITC 2020)

Scope and Topics:

(1) Vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to infrastructure communications

(2) Channel modelling, modulating and coding

(3) Congestion Control and security issues

(4) Protocol design, privacy testing and verification

(5) Secure Routing in vehicular networks

(6) Deployment and field testing

(8) Reducing energy consumption and enhancing safety of vehicles

(9) Wireless in-car networks

(10) Data collection and dissemination methods

(11) Mobility and handover issues

(12) Safety and driver assistance applications

(13) Antenna Systems, Propagation, and RF Design

(14) Secure Signal Transmission and Reception

(15) Spectrum Sharing, Spectrum Management, and Cognitive Radio

(16) Multiple Antenna Systems and Cooperative Communications

(17) Radio Access Technology and Heterogeneous Private Networks

(18) Electric Vehicles, Vehicular Electronics, and Intelligent Transportation

(19) Dedicated short range communications (DSRC)

(20) Channel models for vehicular networks

(21) Mobility models for vehicular networks

(22) Cellular/VANET interworking

(23) V2X communications and applications

(24) Interaction between intra-and inter-vehicular communications

(25) Privacy in Data traffic offloading

(26) OBU and RSU communication privacy systems

(27) Context aware service and applications

(28) Ultra-low latency and ultra-high reliability communications for road safety applications

(29) Multi-channel/multi-antenna/multi-transceiver systems for vehicular communication

(30) Cryptographic protocol design

(31) Big data security and privacy

(32) Cross-layer methods for enhancing security

(33) Jamming and jamming-resistance

(34) Network coding and security

(35) Secure routing and network management

(36) Security and privacy in end-to-end connections

(37) Security and privacy in VANET

(38) Security and privacy in mobile ad hoc

(39) Denial of service (DOS) and Distributed DOS (DDOS)

(40) Human machine interface (HMI) for smart cars

(41) Intelligent transport system (ITS) and Telematics

(41) Advanced Traffic Control and Management, Transportation Networks

(42) Location information for resource planning and management of radio and networks

(43) Cellular based positioning and hybrid approaches



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Important Dates

Paper Submission Deadline:

June 15, 2022

Author Notification:

August 15, 2022

Author Registration Due:

September 15, 2022

Camera-Ready Paper Due:

September 15, 2022

Conference Dates:

December 28 - 31, 2022


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Please email inquiries concerning SMART ITC 2022 to:

Prof. Guojun Wang: csgjwang AT gzhu DOT edu DOT cn and the conference organizers: SmartITC2022 AT googlegroups DOT com

Dr.Muhammad Arif and the conference organizers: SmartITC2022 AT googlegroups DOT com

Dr. Arfan Jaffar and the conference organizers: SmartITC2022 AT googlegroups DOT com

Prof. Guojun Wang's Homepage: 


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